Lan Interface Routing

Hi All

Is there a way to route through the lan interface ?

Default route to LAN - what is the application here I am curious?

Hi Kurt

The unit is to be hosted in a hosting environment where all applications and internet breakout reside. The branch with another peplink unit at site will create a speedfusion link to the unit in the hosting area , what I need is a way to route out of the peplink device without traffic being natted and it seemed using the lan interface would be the best way to achieve this.

Another thought. Do you have a spare WAN port on this Peplink? Because we can easily change the default route to the spare WAN port using outbound policy instead of the LAN interface.

At first I did consider that but the problem was that it was natting the traffic , but with searching I found out how to change a WAN port to forward instead of nat and it seems that is going to work just fine like you suggested above.


Ah yes IP Forwarding mode can be enabled on the pop-up help dialogue if needed. Hope everything works well for you. Thanks.