LAN FusionHub to Peers HD4


Good morning, I apologize in advance for my bad English.
I use an HD4 in speedfusion towards a FusionHub. From the HD4 I can see the PCs connected to the fusionhub’s LAN but from the fusionHub’s LAN (192.168.1.x) I don’t see the devices connected to the HD4 (192.168.50.x). what is the problem? the firewall has no rules


Two things to check first.

  1. What is the default gateway of the devices on the LAN of the FUsionhub - is it the fusionhub lan IP? (same check on the HD4 - do the lan devices use the HD4 LAN ip as their default gateway)
  2. When you set up the speedfusion profile on the FusionHub did you check NAT mode? If so uncheck it.
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I did some tests and I succeeded. I changed the fusion mode from “NAT” to “IP Forwarding” and changed the PC gateway, setting the fusion hub. But, I’d rather keep the PC gateway with another gateway, is it possible?


Sure. On the other gateway add a static route for the remote HD4 LAN (ie that points to the LAN IP of the Fusionhub. Then the devices will use the other gateway and only send traffic via the Fusionhub when they need to.