LAN Expansion/Bridging MAX HD2


I have 2 Pepwave MAX HD2 devices setup with Speedfusion VPN. I would like to use these two devices to expand my LAN. ie have all host on the same network. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Do you mean you have two HD2s in two different locations connected via SpeedFusion and you want to connect one to the other to make a single logical LAN/subnet? If so you can do this with Layer2 SpeedFusion/PepVPN.


Your description of my setup is correct. However I don’t see any Layer 2 options in SpeedFusion/PepVPN.



Peplink has some very neat features hidden in their blue ‘?’ marks.
Please find a Layer 2 SpeedFusion VPN guide here:


Thanks Joey
This was very helpful. I got my setup to work.



Cheers @B_Cain!
Happy to hear you got it working.