LAN bypass feature

Hi, everyone. I would like to confirm whether 710 has LAN bypass feature.
Since Spec shows that 710 has LAN bypass feature (Peplink | Pepwave - Forum) but user manual (see attachment) says that 710 does not have LAN bypass feature.

Which one is correct? Thank you!

Hi Edwin-

The Bypass function is a built-in feature available on the following models:

Peplink Balance 390 (starting from December 2009 onwards)
Peplink Balance 580
Peplink Balance 710 (Generation 2) the older models did not have this feature but our current models do
Peplink Balance 1350

I do hope this helps!

Hi Jason,

Thank you!
Peplink Balance 710 Generation 2 has LAN bypass feature while the old model (Generation 1) does not have this feature.
For the old model, can we upgrade the firmware to enable this LAN bypass feature?

Hi Edwin,

Unfortunately not, it was a hardware revision that added the feature to the current models.