LAN Access ONLY via L2TP & Utility App

If I want to access my Balance devices remotely via L2TP and I have my Balances in LAN access only mode, is there any way for the Peplink Utility App to still communicate with that particular Balance to let me know when there are disconnects and reconnects or do I need to be alerted using 3rd party software completely such as NetCrunch 9 for example? Because whenever I turn off WAN access on one of my Balances, that particular Balance doesn’t show connected in my Peplink Utility App.

Hi TJ, the Router Utility App requires that WAN side admin access is enabled.



Please share us the below info for us to further investigate:

  1. Router utility settings - Server IP defined using WAN IP or LAN IP ?

  2. Firmware version for the Balance device.

  3. Send all traffic enabled for the L2TP with IPSEC client ?

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It’s really just the WAN access being enabled for my utility app to work. Everything is on latest firmware. I was just trying to accomplish only having my Balance accessed from the LAN, connecting via L2TP to that Balance then logging into Balance from there. But when I turn LAN access ONLY on then my peplink utility app for that Balance doesn’t connect, as soon as I turn WAN/LAN access on them my app connects again.

I was more getting at a simple way for the balance to report to me via my phone if a certain Balances WAN is down without having to use 3rd party network monitoring software. The app is just a nice convenient way to see what going on on the fly but I see that I can’t have the best of both worlds with what I trying to do I guess.



This is depend the traffics flow for the Router Utility in-order to answer your question why WAN access need to enable for the Router Utility.

I will assume you have the setup below and this why WAN access need to enabled for the Router Utility access.

  • Mobile Phone: Installed with Router Utility APPs
  • Router utility setup: Using device WAN Interface IP
  • L2TP/IPSEC enabled for the connection between Mobile Phone & Balance device.

The Router Utility will connect the Balance device using WAN IP address, thus it will consider as WAN access. WAN access for the Balance need to turn on for the Router Utility access.

Thank you

So I don’t care to access my Balances from my IPhone I just use the app to tell me info on the go. I wanted to turn WAN access off totally on balance and just remote in from outside via L2TP then access my balance internally from there. But if your saying the only way for the app to work is for the WAN to be on on the balance side then I just don’t think I can use the app without having WAN access turned on in the balance.


WebUI WAN access doesn’t require if the Router Utility connect to the Balance device using LAN IP address after L2TP client get connected.

For more please refer to the attached screenshot.

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I see and that is awesome now what happens if I have 250+ Balances on my app!!?? :cool: