LAN 1 MAX HD1 Dome

Dear Team,

my 8 port rugged switch behind the Dome HD 1 doesn´t reach incontrol. The LAN on HD deliver PoE and show full Duplex 1G.

Could i make any line tests with the HD1? How can i get access the switch via HD.

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Ahoy there!

Could you let us know how you’ve configured the switch?
Is it default? How did you configure external access?
Have you double checked it’s not out of warranty?


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Good Morning,
thank you for your fast response.
I think i have a cable problem

|2024-05-10 08:23:58||System|Time synchronization successful|[ 50.047, 8.7024]
|2024-05-10 08:22:57||System|Device is online (1.3.0 build 510)||
|2024-05-10 08:18:56||System|Time synchronization fail|[ 50.047, 8.7024]
|2024-05-10 07:55:24||System|Device is offline||
|2024-05-10 03:48:08||System|Time synchronization successful|[ 50.047, 8.7024]
|2024-05-10 03:45:35||System|Device is online (1.3.0 build 510)||
|2024-05-10 03:43:05||System|Time synchronization fail|[ 50.047, 8.7024]
|2024-05-10 03:34:38||System|Device is offline||

How can i test the cable via HD Dome?

Many thanks and kind regards

Hi Matthias,

Could you please make a quick diagram of the setup?
Just re-reading your message and you say the HD1 is BEHIND your switch… Don’t sound right.
What’s the router and DHCP for the switch?

Also, what model of the HD1 Dome? 4G? Pro 5G?

Thanks !

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HD as Router with DHCP

Kind regards

Hi Matthias,

please check the Management IP Address of the Switch. If this is a different range than the Dome it could be the issue.


I will be back aboard in two weeks. I will let you know the result. What is the default adr. after factory reset?

Default IP Address of the SD Switch is

thx. both are in the same network. Port 1 from HD is online. Ping from HD to Sw is not possible. How can i test the cable via HD?