LACP configuration on Balance 2500

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Does the LACP 802.3ad configuration on Peplink balance 2500 Active or Passive in terms of LACP PDUs?
Actually we have connect the Balance 2500 with a Juniper switch (EX4200) using LACP 802.3ad but it is not working properly from the LAN side, and from Peplink we are able to ping the servers connected to the switch but we are not able to ping the Peplink LAN IP from the servers.

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LACP ports should all be active. Please open a support ticket with us here so we can investigate the issue.

Thanks for your response.
But do you mean by “LACP ports should all be active” is that the LAG ports for the Juniper switch side or from Peplink side (knowing that we don’t have the option from Peplink to choose between Active and passive LACP modes)?

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When you enable LCAP on Balance 2500, the ports are active mode by default.