L3 Tunnel Works but Not L2

Hello All,
I’m trying to figure out why an L2 Bridge isn’t working for me. I have a Balance SDX behind a firewall using the WAN port for all traffic. Using a L3 tunnel with routing works fine to all my locations, but I need to switch over a couple of my VPN tunnels to L2 on another subnet. I connected another network link from that subnet to LAN 1 and created a new Network with proper ports and VLAN selected and attempted to setup the L2 connection to the Max Transit. It attempts to connect, gets to the creating tunnel step and stops. It indicates that it has no data transfer over the WAN1 connection (my connection out to the firewall) even though I have two other L3 tunnels active on the same port (different remote locations) so I know the WAN is up.
I’m sure it’s a configuration issue (possibly even affecting my L3 tunnels, but they’re working) but I can’t seem to find an answer. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Have you tried configuring a different port for the Speedfusion profile to use?

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I hadn’t yet, but I did this morning. Unfortunately, I ran into the same issue. However, I was able to get it working eventually. I switched over to Drop In Mode on the Balance router and was able to get it working. Took a bit of finessing, but it’s up.