L2TP with IPSec VPN Issues on Balance 210 HW3 FW 6.3.0

After the update to 6.3.0 I cannot get the L2TP remote user access functionality of my Balance 210 HW3 to work. If I switch to PPTP for remote access I can connect up just fine.

When attempting to connect via L2TP the connection times out, throwing an error that the VPN server cannot be reached.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Very strange behavior. If you could open a support ticket or PM me with SN of the unit and enable remote assistance I can certainly troubleshoot further with a test L2TP account.

I had a connectivity issue when the VPN was enabled on both WAN interfaces. Found it would only work if enabled on one of them.

Hi Alex,

Please be patient. We are checking on this.

Hi grumpyhooray,

Your case may be different with Alex. Suggest open ticket for us to take a closer look.

Thank you.

Good morning, grumpyhooray, did you get a reply to your issue? I’m having the same L2TP connection problem with my Pepwave Soho after updating to 6.3.0

Can you elaborate more on the problem you are facing?