L2TP with IPsec on speed Fusion Hub Solo AWS Solo instance not connecting.


I launched an instance of speed fusion hub solo on AWS. First, I’m not entirely sure what the differences between speed fusion hub licenses are. Currently, I have the solo configured to connect to max transit duo (on my home network) over PepVPN with speed fusion. That works fine, but I’m also trying to connect to the Speedfusion hub AWS instance with remote user access with L2TP with IPsec (cellphone over its cellular connection in this example). I have not been able to connect to the SpeedFusion hub this way. I thought it may be easier to connect with AWS since AWS assigns a static IP address. So far I have not been able to connect with this method.

Some interesting behavior to note - when I attempted to enable the remote user access with L2TP with IPsec, this interrupted my established PEPVPN tunnel connection and this tunnel could not come back online until I rebooted the AWS SPEEDFUSION instance. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious to some. any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!