L2TP with IPsec cannot connect with error 619 - PepLink Balance 20

Hi PepLink Support,

I managed to set up VPN for our external worker access to our LAN network. I followed your guide here: Setting up L2TP With IPsec but without success. When connecting using Windows 7 VPN client, I got Errorcode: 619 “A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed…”.

I created a support ticket (provided the required info mentioned in the top of the support ticket page) for more than a week ago but still have not got support from PepLink. I enabled Remote Assistance on our brand new Balance 20 router so long so you can access to it remotely. Please help check and make it work. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Hi John, we did receive your first ticket (FYI this was ticket #773539). One of my colleagues investigated the error and replied to the ticket.
We have now received your other tickets as well (#773777 and #773779), you should have had an automatic reply with the ticket number.
If that is not the case please check your spam folder.

Can you let us know if you have received these emails, to allow us to follow up?

I have just got only #773779 for the second ticket request from the automatic reply. Hope your guys gonna help soon. Can you resend the replied email again? Thanks.

The support tech was able to connect to your network via L2TP with no problem and could also ping a LAN client so the problem is with the PC and not the Peplink. Thanks.

I tried with another Windows PC and still can not connect. Error 619 still happen. I have no better result connecting using Android 6.0 phone as well. What is the requirements for the client device? How do you guys test to see it is connectable? Thanks.

I can confirm that is not the problem with my PC. I can connect to other public L2TP VPN server normally. For example:
US VPN Server : us.freel2tpvpn.com
US VPN Account: freel2tpvpn.com
US VPN Secret : freel2tpvpn.com
US VPN Password: 2885

from this site: http://freel2tpvpn.com/

US VPN Server : vpn
US VPN Account: vpn
US VPN Secret : vpn
from here: VPN Gate - Public Free VPN Cloud by Univ of Tsukuba, Japan

Please really do re-check. Thanks.

I just tried it with my Windows PC and my Android phone and both were able to connect just fine.

You are not trying to test this on a PC that is already connected to this network, correct?

That is correct. My apologies for the mistake. Then, I tried to connect from my home and it connect now. One problem is the connection speed is too slow. I created another support ticket for the new issue.