L2tp vpn ldap not connecting

I’m running a 310x and we are trying to get vpn via l2tp working With either ldap or active directory.
but no matter what I try I can get it to work.
min running latest firmware version.
vpn with username and password works fine.
also, the AD server responds to both 389 and 636.
really hope You can help me here.
best Danni

Check the AD server logs - what do they say?

HI Martin,
There is no entries in the DC Logs.
Is there anything specific for routing or access rules that needs to be set?

Possibly, how does the 310X reach the AD server? Is it via a directly attached network or routed via somewhere else?

I wonder if the 310X is using a source interface / IP that’s not able to reach the AD servers?

Maybe create a firewall rule matching the AD ports / destination IP and turn on logging for that and then check in the event log on the 310X to see where it is sourcing traffic from perhaps.

Hi WillJones,

The Domain controller is a local instance and is reached through a layer2 switched plan segmented network.
If I ping the DC from the PING interface in the FW I can’t seem to reach the DC on the client (Vlan2)
But if I ping the DC from the server Vlan (Vlan5) it responds, I can’t seem to figure out why.
I have created an access rule that allows all traffic from vlan2 to vlan5 and still no success.
Im wondering if this is what causes the issue I’m having with LDAP/Activedirectory
Best Danni