L2tp VPN failing after upgrade to 6.1.3

We had been running 5.4.9 for a while. Today we upgraded to 6.1.3 and now our l2tp vpn service stopped working.

The setup is as follow

2 ISP into balance380
Balance 380 to LAN
OSX server running l2tp vpn on LAN1

The setup used to work without an issue before the upgrade to 6.1.3
I have setup IPSEC NAT-t option in my balance380. I also added additional ports to it without any success. When looking at ipsec logs in my balance380 i see the following.

[TABLE=“class: stat_table, width: 761”]
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Jan 09 15:37:19
IPsec: Refused Main Mode connection request from

Which makes me think that the l2tp request is being taken by the peplink and not sending it to the assigned server inside.

I have setup ip x.x.x.20 (public ip ) on a 1-1 nat to my internal ip
i actually have other services working on that server without any issues. so the NAT is working
also the firewall is wide open for that service. Like I said only change today was update from 5.4 to 6.1
any ideas?


Just noticed you have opened ticket on this. Please follow up on ticket since I have better visibility there.

Thank you.

Did this get resolved as we are having a similar issue?

Hi Mark,

Just open ticket for us to investigate. I still waiting feedback from CSOps1.