L2TP/PPTP user dependent network selection



Right now we can only select one network (tagged or untagged) for all remote users. It would be interesting to be able to select different networks for different users. Thank you.



How would you plan on identifying the remote users? You cannot do a DHCP reservation for a remote user.



Can they not be identified by the username presented during the login then assign them to untagged or one of the tagged vlan’s?

DHCP Reservation for PPTP Clients

I’m not sure that is even possible but if so it would take development resources so we need to see how many other users are even looking for this.

As much as we would like to, we cannot expend development resources on every feature request.



peplink routers has option to tag remote VPN users, why not make it really work and allow us DHCP reservations for remote users. The whole point is so we can connect to it by I.P… please add feature…