KVH V7 HTS integration


Good afternoon,

My name is Benjamin and I’m looking into systems on board a medium to large sailing yacht with Satellite communication system (KVH V7 HTS) as well as cellular and wifi connectivity.

My main concern is being able to have a level of control over users and restricting what data they can view. I am not sure if to have the main control of the on board wifi network which will be every users access point to be the KVH or Peplink. They both seem to have good control over but seem to have strong and weak points.

Ideally I would like a system that can strip down data such as video/images etc. An example would be to allow crew to use whatsapp as a text based system only not have images/emoji or videos downloaded. This way I can keep my crew connected but not have a huge satellite bill.

Has anyone had any experience connecting peplink hard ware with KVH V7 ?

Thank you



We’re a top KVH dealer and also a Peplink Silver partner so have this well worked out. Contact me direct if you would like to discuss this further.