JVC Streaming Camcorder + MAX HD4 + Teradek Cube Receiver


currently we have a setup consisting of JVC GY-HM850 Camcorder (which has built in streamer), 4G USB dongle and on the receiving side we have Teradek Cube 305 decoder.
Since single 4G connection in most cases is not enough we are considering a possible Bonding solution, but still to be able to use the Camcorder built-in Streamer.
We were considering for example to include PepMax HD4 for Bonding 2-4 4G USB modems from different Providers.

So the question we have, if we use HD4, what else is needed or not, so that Stream can reach the Teradek Cube 305 Decoder.
Does Teradek Sputnik Server will do the job and can work in combination with HD4, or maybe we would need to include some other product from Peplink (like balancer maybe)?

please advise.


Base on the description above, guessing you are looking at sending live video from Camcorder to Teradek Cube 305 decoder.

For more information regarding to the cellular bonding for live video, you may refer to the design lab below:

Thank You