July 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Winner: West Networks Mammography

The winner for the July 2020 photo contest is this amazing deployment from @westnetworks. We regularly hold these contests, so show us what you’ve got!

12x HD1 Domes mounted in two rows… what a sight! Outdoor antennas often experience signal degradation, but the HD1 Domes solve this problem by processing the signal first and then connecting to the rest of the network using Ethernet cables.

The 12x cellular links connect back to a SDX Pro coming soon inside the mobile clinic where they are bonded together into a SpeedFusion connection that delivers scorching fast connectivity. This enables the mobile clinic to upload large mammography scans from remote locations.

Even though the cellular routers are on the roof of the clinic, the SIM cards are conveniently located in two SIM Banks on the server rack for easy switching. This deployment professionally integrates several of our products to create a system with unique capabilities. The prize for this contest is the new UBR Go… congratulations!

Honorable Mentions

This deployment from TECHfirm Canarias provides cellular bandwidth bonding for the drillship Pacific Santa Ana. Multiple cellular links are bonded into an SpeedFusion connection to a FusionHub in Houston, Texas.

Here’s @cynbangkok setting up connectivity for an Esporting event. The bandwidth in the building is not enough, so Cyn placed a Balance 1350 into the facility and used SpeedFusion to enable this event. Meanwhile, Swedish Radio Supply has this nice shot of the PDX in a beautiful location. You can take the PDX anywhere and plug it in for unbreakable connectivity!