jetpack with pepwave surf soho or another router standalone?

I have been running a jetpack to a surf soho, it works fine for the mostpart. I tried a pepwave br1 mk2 awhile back instead, and also tried a Orbi but both would crash after a day or so of running. I figured that there was a specific Verizon band that they did not get that was predominant in my area and gave up and went back to the surf and the mifi.
Am I wrong? Is there a pepwave that will work with my verizon sim card and be stable?

@Dario_Sartori: How many users are successfully using Verizon with their Peplink routers? Who knows? Tens of thousands? While I believe you “saw what you saw,” the best appraoch to that problem would have been to file a ticket with Peplink so their engineers could investigate. Peplink has been extremely responsive and proactive in dealing with such issues as you mention – as infrequently as they occur. And, I’ll offer that the suggestion that there may have been a “band incompatibility” [my phrase] is highly unlikely. Indeed, I don’t think we have ever seen that occur when running current router and cellular module firmware.

There are many, many users here on the Forum who are using Peplink routers with VZW SIMs, including ourselves. Indeed, the greatest risk in posting such a message is being “covered up” by responses with anecdotal experiences. ;<) ;<)

I’d suggest your first stop might be to a Peplink Partner or Peplink Certified Engineer who can talk with you about your requirements and point you in the right direction. While there may be a few Peplink routers which have not been approved for use on Verizon’s network – yet – most are.

Well I did speak with Pepwave tech support and I will not go in to what the response was but it was suggested that the pepwave i was using was not specific for verizon and the jetpack was so that might be why I would get better performance. I meant no offense. If I had been pointed in a different direction I would have done that. It is also why I am asking now as I once again want to make an attempt and I like my soho surf enough that I am afain looking for another pepwave. I was hoping that this forum would help point me in the right direction and give me the confidence tgat it will work so that I will push forward

To build on the comment by @Rick-DC, Verizon works well with Peplink devices generally, and I have not run across any specific one that does not work with VZW (though admittedly, we have not deployed the MK2 version of BR1).

It may be a matter of which VZW plan you subscribe to, but problems w.r.t. that usually manifest as not connecting in the first place (as opposed to running for a while before malfunctioning).

As a first step, could you share with us what “crash” in [quote]both would crash after a day or so of running[/quote]



I agree with @zegor_mjol 's comments and know he has had considerable experience in this regard. Even if the router was not compatible with Verizon (unlikely – it’s only a matter of “approval” by the carrier these days) that would not cause the router to crash.

An aside: We often buy and sell pre-owned Peplink equipment. Each and every router is tested thoroughly with the SIMs of at least two carriers – some combination of VZW, AT&T and TMO. We probably do more testing than Partners do who only sell “new in the box stuff.” Only once did we ever encounter a failed cellular modem. We have never seen a case where a router worked with AT&T and TMO but did not with VZW.

I’ll reiterate my strong (and respectful) advice to engage a Peplink Partner or PCE to discuss your requirements. There are several who actively participate on the Forum, although the larger ones are largely invisible here. If you don’t have someone you like and in whom you have confidence send me a PM with your contact information and I’ll be pleased to talk with you! I feel your frustration and there’re “ways out!”

sorry for not getting back on this sooner, but I managed to go on vacation!!1 So If I did want to replace my Verizon MIFI and my surf for one pepwave, what unit should I be looking at? I want better performace than the mifi. I want wifi and a slot for the sim card. What is the minimum to acomplish this? Also one thing that has me lost. The Mifi 8800l states that it is a CAT 18. Is it really? I am a bit lost on the whole CAT thing. Will a PEPwave Cat 6 be as fast as the mifi?

Hi. I’ve sent you an e-mail. - Rick

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