Jetpack AC791L - Balance 20 reporting incorrect signal strength


This is a very minor bug:
PepLink Balance 20, 6.3.0., build 3100
Verizon Jetpack AC791L connected to the Mobile Internet USB port


  1. This works very well - I am happy :slight_smile:
  2. On the dashboard page, the “details” for the WAN connection reports that the Carrier Name is “unknown” and
  3. that the signal strength is -115 dBm

I don’t mind (2) much - I know the carrier. However, (3) bothers me. The RSSI(1x) of the Jetpack is -45 dBm and the RSSI (EVDO) is -42 dBm. Thus the report of -115 dBm is not trustworthy, and forces me to access the jetpack to get a sense of what is going on (RF-wise).



-115dBm is the default value displayed when Balance device fail to get the signal info from the Mobile USB. This is more to the Mobile USB fail to provide such info to Balance device.

Thank You


Thanks for the information.
Is there any expectation that there will be further development for the AC791L?



Definitely this will be improved from time to time.

Again, this is still depend the Mobile USB as some of the Mobile USB are using propriety coding that only supported for certain system. In such case, it’s difficult for us to retrieve such info from the Mobile USB.

Thank You