It says Pepwave instead of Peplink on my Balance 20X!

Don’t worry. You didn’t get a defective product nor is it a misprint. The Balance 20X went under a bit of a rebranding recently and is currently labeled under the Pepwave family. If you were wondering what the difference between Peplink and Pepwave is, that’s actually the exact situation we’re trying to prevent.

Long time customers may recognize our Pepwave family as our wireless products. But it has recently been rebranded to represent our prosumer products, and with it a few of our Peplink products have been moved to the Pepwave family. The Balance 20X is one such example. That’s why the Peplink or Pepwave logo may appear interchangeably on some of our products.

Some might worry that they received a defective product, but please rest assured that there’s nothing to worry about. The only thing different with your device is the logo on the front cover. Everything else, including all of its internal components, certifications and functionality, is identical.

As long as you buy from our certified partners, no matter if it shows the Peplink or Pepwave logo, it is legitimate.