Issues with WyzeCams & Pepwave APs

We have a customer who has WyzeCams (v2 and v3) in use with his three Pepwave APs (One AC Mini HW1 and two Ruggeds). These work for a few hours and then go “out to lunch” – contact with the “app” lost. When this occurs the controller on the Balance router still shows them as registered with good signal strength, usually -55 to -68dBm. Here’s what we’ve done to troubleshoot:

  1. Turned fast transition off and on. No difference.
  2. Changed from WPA2/3 back to WPA2. No difference.
  3. Checked for current FW. Using 8.1.1 on the Balance and 3.6.2 in the APs.
  4. Ensured no interference from foreign systems – none. (The APs are on channels 1, 6 and 11.)
  5. Moved them so they’d associate with another AP. No effect.
  6. Powered the cams and the APs down and restarted. No effect.
  7. Tested them with another manufacturer’s APs. Worked fine.

Anyone have any suggestions for further study?

Are you using DHCP to distribute addresses? If so, you might want to see if things improve with a static IP assigned. It just removes one variable, but it may give some indication as to what is going on.

Sure. Would not hurt to try that. A reservation could be set. Not sure that would help since connectivity is fine for a few hours but no harm in trying that also!

@Rick-DC, may I know all the WyzeCams lost contact with the apps when the problem occurs? If not, please help to do problem isolation below:

  1. If you notice the WyzeCams 1 (for example) lost contact with the apps, please check which AP the WyzeCams 1 is connected to. You may check at AP > Wireless Client.

  2. Please ping the WyzeCams 1 from the Balance router to confirm the connectivity is stable.

  3. Please check whether the WyzeCams 1 always connect to the same and nerest AP at AP > Event Log.

TU @TK_Liew. Answers:
1,3. One cam always connects to the same AP. The 2nd one alternates between the 2nd and 3rd AP.
2. Once the cams are no longer accessible via the “app” they remain in the AP’s and router’s client list but all pings fail when conducted from the router.

Interesting: Looking at the AP event log the cams are shown periodically connecting at 5GHz. Rather impossible as there is no 5GHz radio in these devices. Once that occurs that seems to be when contact is lost. I disabled 5GHz on the subject (guest) SSID and the 5GHz association still is shown to be attempted.

I’ll send you a couple of screen captures via PM.