Issues with InTouch when connecting to a certain type of device

I am having issues using InTouch correctly with a Teradek video encoder connected to my Peplink MAX Transit Duo Pro. The end goal is to access the video encoder’s management page on port 80 of its local IP address.

I am able to set up the InTouch link, and even access the page. It goes so far as the management page opening and showing the Teradek logo, but nothing else loads. I’ve tried every iteration of compatibility modes with no success.
I don’t see any errors in console or the network tab in the inspector, but the page just seems to hang and never load completely.

I’ve had similar issues with Cradle point routers and their version of Intouch, but it has worked perfectly with GL.iNet’s Astrorelay (yet another tunneling tool) so I know it’s doable, but I’m not sure what it is about how this management page is coded that it causes issues with both Peplink and Cradlepoint.

I’ve since gone down the rabbit hole of trying to set up Tailscale, but its a huge learning curve for my level of knowledge. I’ve set up tailscale on PC/linux and that was fairly easy, but im a bit lost when it comes to the Peplink. It seems I would have to use Tailscale’s docker, which I’ve managed to pull onto the Transit, but a bit lost from there on.

I tried setting up Remote User Access with OpenVPN, but that didn’t work either, my connection would just time out. I assume this is because my OpenVPN client was trying to connect to the IP given by the carrier, which is behind cgNAT?

I would love to get InTouch working as it would be the most straightforward workflow, but any suggestions are welcome!

Run developer tools in chrome when you are viewing the remote page and you’ll see errors that might clarify the cause.

If you want something that works every time, host a Fusionhub and do openvpn to it from your laptop, then build a speedfusion vpn from your remote peplink to it and you’ll be ale to route to the Teradek web interface from your openvpn with no problems.

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Thanks Martin!

Here’s a screen recording of what my console looks like when trying to open the page.

I would guess it’s however the scripts running on that Teradek page are handling the URL since it’s not what it expects? Do you think there would be anything Peplink might be able to do to have this work with InTouch? The workflow for us would be so much better when considering how this would scale to hundreds of devices.

BTW, I did look at your website after seeing your background and how active you are on these forums and purchased an hour of your time, looking forward to chatting with you more in detail about our use case!