Issues with Captive Portal/splash page


I have setup a captive portal and splash page for my network, but I am having a few issues.

1/ I have set the time limit to ‘0’ which should be unlimited, but it is forcing people to accept the terms and conditions every day (I assume 24 hrs) - why is it doing this?

2/ It doesn’t always redirect to the splash page until I navigate to - again why is it doing this?

Please share the screenshot of your Captive Portal settings.

  1. Do you mean client can access to internet directly without accessing through Splash page?

  2. Please ensure you are running with latest firmware version.

  3. Please ensure the client is grabbing IP and DNS from Balance router.

  4. Please ensure the client can ping to

  5. The affected client has frequently connected/disconnected between 2 SSIDs (1 SSID with Captive Portal enabled and another without Captive Portal)?

The new 6.3.3 firmware is now available. You can obtain it here.