Issues connecting with clients behind PepVPN on Max BR1



I have set up a test PepVPN tunnel between two BR1’s

I have swapped the WAN’s to Lans and plugged 3 devices into each (Now) Lan port.

I noticed it’s very spotty and difficult to access web management interface on the devices, or even ping them. Though I can ping the cell modem itself when the PepVPN tunnel is instantiated.

Is there something I’m missing in order to make this work well?

I know you are using OSPF between them during PepVPN Tunnel, is there something I need to do on my local computer to access consistently the devices across the tunnel?


Sounds like WAN connectivity issues to me. Assume you’re using cellular on both BR1s? What do you see in the cellular reports for RSRP & RSRQ is it stable or all over the place?

If you look at the PepVPN status on the devices do you see spike sof latency or lots of packet loss?


Hmm, that might be it. So you are saying that the overhead of the tunnel itself could be a problem?