Issue with iOS Router Utility

Bug: When using Router Utility ver 1.5.1 we note some curious behavior (OK, let’s call it a minor bug): When looking at the status of a USB 4G modem in two Balance One routers we observe the signal strength shown in “bars.” However in each case the signal strength is reported as 0 dBm. We think this is an issue introduced in this version of Router Utility. It was OK in the version it superseded.

Another issue: In previous versions the user saw the status of each of the WANs which were enabled. In the present version one sees all WANS which could be employed – even if an optional license is required and not installed. We’d strongly prefer the previous functionality be restored. The elimination of this regression would make the product a bit easier to use as information not needed would not be displayed on the relatively small screen.

Feature request: It would be useful if we can see a bit more information in Router Utility vis-a-vis the 4G connection, e.g., RSRP, RSRQ and SINR.

[Edited 01/14/19 to add second issue]


We have filed this bug. Engineering team will look into this.

Can you share the model, firmware version and what type of WAN interface is referring here? Possible to provide the screenshot of the Router Utility of the reported issue?


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Hi TK. Thank you very much. I’ll PM you the information shortly. - Rick

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Router utility version 1.5.2 build 56 released. The new release include the bug fix as reported together with the new requested feature. Would you please upgrade your router utility to the latest version and give it a try ? Feel free to let us know if you have any comment for the new router utility release :grinning::blush:

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Hi. Actually, v 1.5.2 (56) is a regression vis-a-vis the display of WAN status. While unused/configured/unlicensed WANs are no longer shown (TU!), now there is no information shown as to WAN name, IP address, RSSI, etc. Rather, each merely shows “connected.”

The screenshot which follows was taken from an IPhone.

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Let me bring this up to engineering team!


I am pleased to report that today’s iOS update brought version 1.5.3, which is the best yet. Not only was the regression addressed, the user can now see RSSI, SINR and RSRP. (No RSRQ but the other parameters provide a clear picture of the status of the connection.) Nice enhancement. Please pass our thanks to the engineers who made this happen.