[Issue] Using OpenVPN WAN to interconnect client on the Cloud/Server with my network

Hi everyone,

After two whole days trying to understand why my OpenVPN WAN was behaving weirdly, I hope anyone here may be able to help me with this.
Maybe I havn’t understand how the OpenVPN WAN is working at all…

So, what I’m trying to do :

  • I have an OpenVPN Cloud where my clients connect to (divided in four groups, with four subnets).
  • I have a PepWave MAX HD2 using Firmware 8.1.3 with an active and valid OpenVPN WAN Licence in front of a Firewall. I have four LAN behind this Firewall.

So, on the OpenVPN Cloud, I’ve created a network with 5 subnets in it (LAN1 through 5 + LAN between the PepWave and the Firewall).
I’ve also created a connector, which I’m using the profile into the HD2.

On the HD2, I’ve added the profile into the OpenVPN WAN. It connects to the Cloud without issue. I’ve also added static routes to reach the 4x LAN I’ve setup behind the firewall.
I’ve also added an outgoing policy to forward all traffic through the OpenVPN WAN.

On the firewall, all rules are made to work. There is absolutely no issue there.

So what’s happening, then? Well…
From the servers on the LANs, I’m able to reach my clients on the cloud through their respective groups, and IPs. There is no issue here. Good!

However, when I try to acces my servers on the LANs, the packets reach the OpenVPN Connector IP and drops there.
I checked my Firewall WAN interface, made sure it was reachable (I even replaced it with a PC to make sure I could ping the interface.) Same results.
I’m able to ping my Peplink HD2 LAN interface too, but I can’t ping any devices connected on the LAN. I tried to change from NAT to IP Forwarding with no differences.

To summarize, I can ping from the inside to the clients through the OpenVPN WAN Connect, but I can’t ping anything behind the PepWave from the OpenVPN Clients connected to the Cloud.

I know it may be messy said like that but I don’t have access to the pictures I’ve made. I’ll post them tomorrow to make it clearer.
In the meantime, if you have a solution for that, or maybe I didn’t use the licence as I should do, please tell and explain.

Thank you very much!