Issue upgrading from Firmware 5.4.4

At present I have a 710 and a 380. Both report that no new firmware is available.

However, 5.4.6 is available on the website.

I have downloaded the 5.4.6 file, extracted it and tried it on both Peplinks. Both report that the file is invalid.

I have tried Chrome and IE for downloading and both BIN files result in the same error message.

Please advise.

The file on the website is fine and no one else has reported this issue. Please confirm the exact name of the BIN file you extracted.

Filename is fw-b380_390_580_700_710_1350-5.4.6-build2244.bin

The file might be corrupted for some reason. I would recommend that you download the firmware again to your “local machine” (please avoid downloading the file to online storage). Then try it again. Also I strongly recommend that you upgrade it when your local machine is sitting in the same network as the Balance.

I have run into a customer that was trying to upgrade firmware in a Balance that was located in another country. This is not recommended.

Please let us know the results.

Thank you,

If it’s not the file itself that’s causing it, please create a support ticket along with your diagnostic report from both Balance 710 and 380. Your cooperation would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

I was trying to upload it from a machine on the same switch as the Peplink.

Redownloaded the file a couple of times and still said the same.

I cant see V5.4.4 Firmware on your site or any of the change logs so it might be a build that wasnt for general release hence why the auto update feature isnt working either.

I have logged a support call and will see what comes out of that.