ISP PPTP connection

Good Day, my ISP requires me to setup the connection to them using PPTP. I basically have this working from a router going through my Cable modem. But my question is, can I do this directly from the Peplink Balance, does it support PPTP type conenctions? I assume I can keep my router in between the Cable modem and the Peplink and do it that way, but would be cleaner if the Peplink just supports this by itself.

Be aware, I’m not trying to make the Peplink to be a PPTP server itself. I’m talking about the WAN link setup to an ISP that requires to connect to them using PPTP

We do not currently support PPTP as a WAN connection type, there are no plans to do so because these are very rare nowadays. You could of course keep your current setup and plug that in to the Peplink though…