ISP Failover


In our company we are hosting our web site with 2 ISP with different Public IP

I want to know if it’s possible with peplink to made a failover between 2 ISP and how to do that

If ISP 1 is down i want my website available on ISP 2 without delay

Thanks in Advance


Peplink has the perfect solution for you! The Balance model 210 and up can be the authoritative DNS server for your domain and do inbound load balancing. With this configuration, the Balance will not advertise a link that goes down - so the end user does not experience a delay.

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All you need is to :

1- buy a Peplink balance with inbound load balancing feature like 210/310 or further.
2- change the authoritative DNS of your domain to the public IP address of your WAN links.
3- configure DNS server on the Peplink to cover your requirements for example A records , www or MX records.