Is USB port on Balance 30 fast enough for a Max Adapter

I have a Balance 30 router and thinking of adding a Max Adapter for 5G connectivity. My router is about 8 years old and I’m wondering whether the USB port hardware on the router is fast enough to handle the data speeds found in 5G.

Can anyone comments? Thanks.

The overall router throughput on the Balance 30 maxes out at 100 or 120Mbps so you would never get more than that through the Ethernet or USB WAN ports.

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I expect/fear that the limits on USB-connector speed will be a limitation for a number of possible MAX Adapter deployments.

A quick seat-of-the-pants test of an HD2 (HW5) ↔ USB connector ↔ Gigabit Ethernet dongle ↔ Balance 380 (HW6) LAN capped the speed a little bit above 100 Mbps.

It would be useful to get a sense of the speed capabilities of the USB ports of the various models (and hardware versions).



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