Is this possible with a Balance 30 LTE?

I would like to be able to connect to my internal network while on Verizon’s 4G NAT’d network. It has a dynamic IP and a static IP is not an option. Suggestions on how to do so are here:

VPN: VPN into LAN behind Verizon Wireless NAT using SoftEther -
Port Forwarding: Port Forwarding with Verizon Wireless NAT -

Are these methods possible with any config on the Balance 30 LTE router?


What IP showed on Cellular interface? Public or private IP? If it is public IP, you may enable PPTP on Balance 30 LTE then access internet network via PPTP connection.



Since you are getting public IP, you may perform action below:-

  1. Enable DDNS.
  • You need a registered DDNS account, e.g.
  • Enable DDNS via Network > WAN > Select WAN interface > Dynamic DNS Settings.
  1. Enable PPTP
  • Network > Remote User Access.

Hi, – are private IP addresses and are not routable from the internet.

Hi Xerxes

If this 100.x.x.x IP is not routable from the internet, direct access isn’t possible.
The VPS server method that you’ve shared is probably an option to consider.
If it’s for gaming there’s also those VPN tools like hamachi that you can use I think.



Out of what suggested by Kevin, you can also consider the design below to allow access for the remote devices.

Client can connect (PPTP/L2TP over IPSEC) to the center site that having Public IP before reaching to remote site.

Thank You