Is this how I'd configure our fibre /30 Static IP on the Peplink?

My customer just had 100Mbps fibre installed which has a /30 for 1 IP address. They might get a /28 eventually they said. I recommended they go with Peplink but just wanted to check how we’d set this up since I’d be helping them out a bit. Below is fake information from the ISP, changed it around for privacy. Then I have a screenshot from the admin portal, is this how you’d set it up? Does the Gateway IP address have to go anywhere? Curious how this would change if they do get a /28 also. Thanks so much!

Here is the WAN /30 scheme;

Subnet Mask:
Block Size: 4
Usable IP’s: 2
Gateway IP:
Customer IP:
Broadcast IP:

DNS Server#1
DNS Server#2

The screenshot looks correct. Is it not working? Thanks

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No, no sorry, I haven’t deployed anything yet. The fibre is just being turned up now but the customer is wanting a router, so I thought perfect timing! But I’ve never actually used dedicated fibre before just best effort or DSL, Cable etc where it’s just DHCP.

If/when they do get a /28, would it just be a matter of changing the subnet drop down to /28?


The IP block may also change if they go to a /28 so be sure to match the settings with the Balance WAN interface.

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