Is This A "Mesh" Network?

I’m confused about what actually makes a WiFi network a Mesh network. Does deploying multiple Pepwave AP One AC Minis all set to the same SSID create a Mesh network? Or does the hardware have to be different?

Have a look at this ‘advert’ for mesh networking
does a good job of explaining it.

Personally not a fan yet of Mesh networking. Have installed the google wifi and tplink deco mesh multiple times but would rather cable to distributed APs and run the same SSID on them if I could.

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Thank you! I understand now. I didn’t realize that with Mesh WiFi the multiple access points are just connected wirelessly to each other. My home has wired ethernet throughout the house. Plugging in multiple wired access points should work better than Mesh I would assume.

Yup. Exactly. You’ve already done the "hard part " – installed the ethernet. @MartinLangmaid’s solution is the one we go with – it “just works.” In our view, “mesh” is a solution that rarely exists when you can place APs where you need them and give each one a wired back-haul.

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