Is there any way to select which SSIDs are synched to external APs?


The title says it all so is there any way to select which SSIDs are synched to the external APs? I have now Balance 20X and AP One AX. B20X is managing the AP One AX and all my SSIDs are automatically synched to AP. That is fine now but in the future I have plans to expand my Wi-Fi network to outside areas. For outside APs I would like to choose which APs are getting which SSIDs without need to switch off automatic sync and manage each AP manually.

If there is not yet an option to do that, would that be a new feature for the future releases :blush:? For example, this feature could be added to AP → Access Point → AP Details where you could choose which SSIDs to sync to this AP (all or a selected SSIDs).


you can do this with device tags in InControl2.

Don’t believe you can target individual APs with local AP controller.

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Thank you. I prefer the local admin for security reasons but maybe I switch to use InControl2 when I need this feature. Does anyone have experience to use device tags in InControl2 and then switch InControl2 off? Will they continue working? At least geo ip blocks remain working even if I switch InControl2 off after setting those up.

I have created a 2nd profile, use the default for the internal AP, and a “External” profile for the external ap’s in the “Settings” section of “AP” header in the balance 20X.

t do this click on the ? icon within the settings page, then click on clone, this will duplicate the default profile and allow you edit what SSID’s and various settings are allowed in this profile.

then in the “Access Point” section select the the AP’s you want this profile for and click on “Change Profile”

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Thank you! I will try this out.