Is there any Feature Matrix for the SOHO? Or Peplink vs Pepwave?

I can find no way to compare what software features might be enabled on a per-device basis at a GRANULAR level. Yes, I have seen the broad overview on

As an example, I’m trying to configure the AP on this Pepwave SOHO so that one of the three APs has some firewall rules. This appears not to be available, but it clearly is in the Peplink demo, but not the Pepwave demo.

Is that something that gets enabled with an InControl2 subscription, like the Social access point? Or is this one of the differences between Pepwave and Peplink? Is there a comparison chart for that?

Then, there’s the Feature Add-Ons. Who knows, maybe I want to spend all kind of money… but I have no idea what possible add ons there might be. Can this router make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Maybe, with the right code.

I know where you come from. Having the feature matrix or online demo is a good idea to let customer understands our product further. Let me bring this up to the marketing team.

For the feature add-ons, you may get advice from our local partner if you purchased directly from them. Else you may visit Peplink Store. Below is the sample screenshot.

I too would like this.
Anyone considering upgrading from a Surf SOHO to a Balance One has too much work to do to figure out the additional software features the more expensive router brings to the table.