Is there an advantage to WiFi + cellular ( no sfc)

I have a max br1 5g and most things work well.

I can have WiFi and cellular active as priority 1 simultaneously. Is there a benefit to doing so?

is pepwave smart enough to pick the fastest connection? (This is without using sfc / bonding)

right now, I’m on AT&T, WiFi 2.4ghz and 5ghz. Any insight into the algorithm is appreciated


If you click the little help button in Outbound Policy rule editor web GUI it will show and explain the various load balance methods.

I use a combination of methods depending on source / target.

Difference in speed of each wan, latency, bandwidth caps, etc. Is all reasons to tune the outbound policies and route traffic over one or the other or both.

there is documentation on all of this available. all the algorithms have been explained. i have used fastest response without speed fusion with wifi wan and cellular in the past. all depends on your use case. outbound rules can do some pretty powerful stuff as can the algorithms used in conjunction.

I’ve found the outbound rules. Where are the algorithms documented? I’ve skimmed the manual, but it’s quite large.



Wow,the post Understanding and Configuring Outbound Policy
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