Is there a way to tell if a wireless device is using 2.4Gz or 5Gz?

You know when someone’s purchased a new device… flood of questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to tell which devices are using what frequency and/or which are using n vs g vs a networks?

Yes it is possible depending on which gear you are referring to?

I’m looking on the page of a PepLink Balance One. The devices are iphones, ipads, ipods, appletv’s, my thermostat… etc.

You would not be able to get this information when using the integrated WAP that is built into the unit.

If using a external WAP you would be able to see these values under our AP controller feature (AP>Controller Status>Usage).

The most you will be able to see currently is the Wi-Fi signal strength of the wireless clients on the Status>Client List tab.

InSSIDer software, tells you the SSID of everything around you, what channels they are running on, maps of the signals overlapping, what channels it would recommend, etc.

Yes, but it does not tell you if an individual device is connecting to the SSID as 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Although not optimal, you could set up two SSIDs (Users 2 and Users 5) with each set to operate only on one band. Of course, you then have to maintain client configs for two networks. Still, it works…