Is there a way to swap the configuration for WAN 2 and WAN 3 on a Balance 20?

We currently have microwave broadband on WAN 1 and DSL on WAN 2, but this weekend we’re adding a 4G LTE antenna, and will have three LAN cables coming into the router (we already installed the license key for WAN 3).

I’d like to be able to simply drag/drop the config for our current WAN 2 into the WAN 3 location in the config, and then enter the config for the LTE in WAN 2.

Is there a way to do that, or must I reenter the config for what was WAN 2 now on WAN 3?

Hello @jshowalter,
Safest way we know is to take a screen shot or printout of each of the WANs and then copy and then manually re-enter the details, the only challenge is you need to know any passwords before you begin that are used with authentication to the carrier on the WAN (commonly used when operating in Bridge Mode).
Can I ask, is it not possible to afford a short outage as part of your upgrade and just move the network cables instead?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I always take screenshots, but thought there must be a better way.