Is there a way to run a speed test from the Balance or FusionHub?

Hi all, just wondering if this is possible, mainly to test the speeds of remote sites. For example I’ve deployed FusionHub as a test on OVH but I’d like to now test to see what actual bandwidth it is getting. I have a 500Mbps connection but I don’t have any Peplink devices that support 500Mbps of SpeedFusion so just wondering how to test that. Same with at a customer site, we tell a customer to purchase a Balance device connected to inControl, do we have any ability to remotely do a speed test to see what is going on?

Currently the only way to perform a test that checks for throughput is to click on the icons next to the speedfusion tunnels in the status window. This tests bandwidth over PepVPN/SpeedFusion. There are no inbuilt line speed tests currently.

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