Is there a way to monitor bandwidth utilization with SNMP?


I use a PEPLINK 710 with 5.3.11 firmware… It seems there is no way to monitor bandwidth utilization with SNMP.

Am I wrong ? I Hope !


You should be able to monitor usage by SNMP, Cyril. Is everything setup properly? You can download our Balance MIB at

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Hi Kurt

When I open the Peplink Web Dashboard, I get the real time upload and download Throughput at the bottom of the page.

I’d like to have the same information with snmp.

I already downloaded and actually use the Peplink Mib. But even if I’m able to retrieve the PEPLINK smnp values, I didn’t find any I can use to get the upload and download bandwidth realtime utilization. What are they ???


Thanks Cyril. Real-time bandwidth is not yet available by SNMP. If you are comfortable with CLI then with our latest firmware you can also SSH to Balance and get real-time bandwidth. Any interesting application for real-time upload and download throughput by SNMP?

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OK I’m gonna upgrade to 5.4.1 tomorrow and try to use the CLI, that can be a solution.

We keep in touch.



Thanks Cyril. There are a number of other exciting new features on firmware 5.4 too. Once you are connected to Peplink by SSH, what you are after should be under “get bandwidth”. Have fun!

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Hi, i would like to check, is this real time monitoring via snmp available now?