Is there a way to get WAN actual interface Speeds?

Ran into a problem where ISP’s Modem and Balance One WAN Port speeds were degraded from T1000 full-duplex down to most likely T10 half-duplex.
Problem was it appeared that ISP’s connection to Internet was slowed down.

Ping tests showed no problems between Balance One and internet and no problems between Balance One and ISP modem.
Remotely run FTP tests showed drastic slow down in both upload and download speeds.

Remotely rebooting Balance One did not help. Remotely rebooting ISP Modem did not help.
Remotely rebooting both Balance One and ISP modem at same time did not help with slow down in connection speeds.

Balance One router appeared to be working properly. ISP verified Modem was connecting to them at full speed and operating normally. ISP suggest replacing Ethernet cable.

Which led to remotely trying setting WAN-1 to T100 from what was Auto. That brought remote access speeds back to normal.
Setting WAN-1 back to Auto appeared to initially work. Several hours latter, connection was once again slowed down.

Later testing showed that setting WAN-1 to T1000 would result in quick degradation of Ethernet Interfaces between Balance One and ISP modem.

Thus far:
Replacing Ethernet Cable with new CAT-6 between Balance One and ISP’s Modem,
Connecting Balance One to different Internet Port on ISP’s modem,
Switching from WAN-1 to WAN-2 to connect to ISP’s modem,

  • has not helped with interface degradation problem.

At issue, is we never could find anything that would report actual WAN interface connection speeds. Which would have really pointed to problem quickly.

As such: Is there a way to get WAN actual interface Speeds?

Firstly, you need to check and confirm the port speed for both devices. You may get this from the datasheet. Balance One supports 1Gbps port speed.

Based on the explanation and troubleshooting steps you have done, this sounds like port sync issue. Below is the step you can do:-

  1. Fixed port speed on Balance One only - You have done this.
  2. Fixed port speed on ISP’s modem only.
  3. Fixed port speed on both Balance One and ISP’s modem.
  4. Put a switch in between Balance One and ISP’s modem.

Hope this help.

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Already confirmed that ISP’s Modem supports 1GBps port speeds.
ISP’s Modem’s Port Speeds can not be fixed. There is no option to do so. The connection is auto-negotiated.

This is not a matter of setting up a new connection. Both Balance One and ISP’s modem have been in use together for over 7-months without problems.
Either the ISP’s Modem has started failing or Balance One has started failing.

What would have helped determine there is a failure with either ISP modem or Balance One was a way to see Status of WAN connections. There is nothing that shows what actual port is running at, be it T1000, T100 Full, T100 Half, T10 Full, T10 Half.

Turning this into a Feature Request. Another Customer has made same request.

Opened RMA Ticket request.

The existing Modem was replaced with Brand New Modem. Same problem with Balance One WAN port was seen. Drastic slow down in Internet speeds, due to WAN port problem.

Also found that if WAN-1 Port on Balance is set to T1000, the Balance One cause errors to point Arris Modem rejects connection. Requiring Ethernet Cable to be unplugged, Balance One not just rebooted, but Power-Cycled, next WAN-1 Port set to T100 or Auto, andfinally Ethernet Cable connected. To get both connected and communicating again.