Is there a page which lists cellular modem firmware update releases?

Curious - is there a web page on the site here that lists cellular modem firmware updates, e.g. if any are available for a max transit cat 18?

It’s on the super secret support.cgi page of your router. Just replace the index.cgi with support.cgi and you can have it check for an update. I have a Cat18 Max Transit and here’s the current firmware.

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Thanks. So it shows an update – current is .114 generic and update is .115 generic. But the following ATT, T-Mobile, and Verizon firmware numbers in that line seem to be the same for the update as the current firmware that was on the device when I bought it in 2020.

Should I update from Generic 114 to Generic 115 (with same ATT, Verizion, Tmobile version numbers following) if I’m running on ATT or Verizion network?