Is there a limit to the number of APs using InControl2 as AP Controller?

Hi everyone,

My current setup is:
1 x Balance 30 Router (3 WANs)
6 x Pepwave One AC Mini APs
Using InControl as AP Controller

I am looking at procuring 5 more Pepwave One AC Mini APs.

  1. I would like to know if using the InControl2 service as the AP Controller of Pepwave AP devices, imposes a limit as to the number of AP devices it can support? This is in contrast to using the AP Controller software embedded within the Peplink Balance routers that has limits (e.g. Balance 30 only supports 10 APs).

Hope anyone can help.

Thank you!

Good Evening
There is no limit to the amount of devices you can have in your IC2 account but your devices do need to be in warranty or have an IC2 licence.
FYI, it is much cheeper to keep your B30 in Warranty or have an IC2 licence for it and use that as you controller rather that purchasing an IC2 for all of your devices. Could you get away with 10 APs rather then 11?
p.s. you don’t need to be in warranty or have an IC2 licence to use the controller locally on your B30.