Is the Balance 380 still valid as a VPN hub?


Hello all!

Is the following document still accurate?

If so is the Balance 380 still the minimal to act as a hub for branch offices?

Is this completely obsolete now because of the fusionhub?




Its outdated.

Any device can act as a hub, the limitation is the number of remote peers it supports and the amount of throughput. So you could have three BR1s one acting as the hub and the other two as the branch offices, or you could have a big Balance 2500 with 4000 remote branch offices connected.

No not quite. The Fusionhub is not a virtual balance, but a VPN concentrator with some little added extras. You can only do Layer 3 vpn with the Fusionhub for example and it doesn’t support Multi-WANs etc.

What the Fusionhub does very well is acting as a hub device for branch offices though, so if you were in a situation where you didn’t have a single physical location with great bandwidth but needed to keep multiple branches connected then the Fusionhub would be a good fit.