Is RTP included in SIP QoS. How Does QoS even work over 4G?

Hi there, does QoS for VoIP using SIP include the RTP stream as well? Technically they aren’t the same. Also, I don’t think QoS works when only using 4G as there is no way the router knows the total bandwidth available. I’ve run many tests and can easily get VoIP to bomb out if I flood the router with other traffic. There doesn’t seem to be a way to tell the router the potential total throughput of the 4G connection. I’m running the latest firmware - 8.0.2 - BR1 Mini.


Was looking for the same ! Any news?

Nope, no reply from Peplink on this one… Someone should know mind you.

Found this: Balance 310 and SIP - #6 by Soriam_Vargas