Is Pepwave Surf SOHO blocking service ports of ooma telo VOIP adapter? Have now tried two ooma devices


My new ooma telo VOIP adapter is connected to a LAN port of my Pepwave Surf SOHO router, and I have not been able to get the ooma device to work. I connected my computer to the LAN side of the ooma adapter in which I accessed a web interface, and using it I scanned the ports of the ooma device and found that most of them were “allowed” but two of them were “denied,” namely UDP ports 53 and 123. I tried a second ooma adapter and got the exact same results, so apparently the ooma adapter is not the likely culprit. Is my Pepwave Surf SOHO router blocking UDP ports 53 and 123? In the router there are no firewall rules established other than the default, and SIP service passthrough is in standard mode.


Hi Michael. Please contact Support at 1-888-711-6662 and a rep can assist.