Is logging of outgoing connections possible with incontrol and an officepoint 400?

I need to log outgoing connections through an officepoint 400. I can not see if this is possible and im sure it should be, but cant figure out how. Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as setting up to log outgoing connections, preferably not just ips but resolved domains.



The log can be obtain from Balance router if Event Logging of Firewall rules were enabled.

You may consider upgrade your OfficePoint to AP One series since it was obseleted.

Thank you.

Forgive me but can you give me more detailed instruction as I’m not even sure where in incontrol1 the firewall rules are or the balance router. Forgive my ignorance.



I assume OfficePoint is connected to Balance router. So you may get the log from Balance router not InControl. Do forgive me if my assumption is wrong.

In fact, the required log should get from gateway device (Balance router) instead of AP.

Hope this help.