Is Lan port scheduling possible on the SD-16 for network access (not only PoE)?

Is it possible to assign a schedule to enable/disable individual lan ports? It appears that only PoE for individual lans can be enabled/disabled based on a schedule. We need to be able to restrict network access during certain times for devices physically connected to the switch via lan. thanks for the help.

@RRC so you want to be able to keep power on the port, but disable all network access via schedule? have I got that right?

Actually we want to disable the port completely based on a schedule.

Ok now I think I understand. you want to be able to schedule non-poe devices?

Correct. But I’m hoping that it can be done at the port level and won’t require individual IP address entry so that if the device is changed, network access is still controllable.

Does anyone have a definitive answer on this? Thanks.