Is it possible to VLAN tag devices by MAC address or some other way?

We have a Balance router and then bought some APs for it. I set up a few SSIDs, one for employees, one for visitors and so on, and then set it to limit bandwidth to 5Mbps down for visitors etc.

I’m having some issues with the APs and have been working with Peplink on them (Sony 65" Smart TV will not connect to them no matter what we do or try, same with a few other devices we have), so I wanted to keep our existing APs just for now and then look into this more later when not so busy.

Is there any way to still do this if I use 3rd party APs that just have 1 SSID? I’d love to be able to still put stuff on different VLANs based on the MAC address instead. Otherwise I guess I could put one AP in different switch ports and then tag the port if that works, but kinda clunky. Thanks!

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This should be the similar request for the forum post below:

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