Is it possible to specify dns redirection for specific domain(s) the dns proxy ...?

I’m not entirely sure how to word this question so its most clear… I’ll describe my scenario – I’m looking to host an active directory domain with samba4 – similar to active directory itself, samba4 implements an internal dns server which is compliant with the expected dns protocol used by the various mirosoft ad tools. There is strong recommendation from the samba4 community to use the internal dns server for best compatibility with the active directory ecosystem.

I’d like to do this – however I don’t really want to direct my lan clients to use this dns server for all dns as it could significantly impact overall dns reliability when compared to the very reliable dns server in the peplink. What I’d like to do is configure the peplink to resolve requests within a certain lan-local domain via the dns server on the samba4 box and resolve everything else normally using the dns servers configured on the wan ports, this way I can let samba control its internal dns however it needs in order to resolve all the ‘ad magic dns’ hostnames – and should the AD (samba internernal-dns) server unexpectedly die, only ‘active directory related’ things on the network would fail … Is there a way to do this?


I have Mikrotick 750 GL router can I use bonding and load balance on this ?? where I can get this support ?

Hi , this is Peplink / Pepwave forum , not Mikrotik !
for load balancing solutions take a look atPeplink products

thanks I know it is not mikrotik forum but I have applied for one device I have visited your booth in Singapore exhibition still they did not provided for me so my suggestion was if I can use your technology in mikrotick or any other device instead to order your device , if I have your tech support Skype ID then I will explain more
I have around 30 GW in different country for termination I need som tunnel solution I have check in your a bove link some load balance devices if you explain how can I setup where I should host that server and how I will use at end point for Gw ??


2 unique solutions we provide through our technology, rahimee.

  1. Unbreakable VPN, and
  2. Bandwdith Bonding

And both of them requires a Peplink/Pepwave device at each end - MikroTik or other products are not compatible with our technology.

If you could please write a quick email to [email protected] and tell us where which model you are looking for and where you want to order from, we can get you in touch with local sales and support where possible?

So I got thread hijacked here … Can anyone respond to the original question?

You can only choose Samba or Peplink LAN DNS as Internal LAN DNS.

  1. If using Samba, the rest of the DNS query (Internet DNS queries), forward to Peplink or public DNS directly.

  2. If using Peplink, then you can define the Local DNS record of internal usage. For the rest of the Internet DNS queries, Peplink LAN DNS will forward the query to Internet DNS server. It won’t and cannot forward the specific domain back to your Samba.